Improved River Level and Precipitation
Information Available

The USGS and the National Weather Service have recently improved the way river level information is delivered. Links to USGS gauge stations are listed on the NPS website but some new services are now available:

Missouri DNR Water Resources Center River and Lake Level Observations, Forecasts and Precipitation
DNR gathers data from water level and precipitation recording devices in Missouri maintained by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Geological Survey and makes dynamic maps of this data available. Click here to visit the site...

USGS WaterAlert
The U.S. Geological Survey WaterAlert service sends email or text messages when certain parameters (such as gauge height) measured by a USGS data-collection station exceed user-definable thresholds. Go to this website and select the gauge and gauge height and you will receive a message when the gauge is above that level. Click here to visit the site...

USGS StreaMail
The USGS StreaMail system provides a method for you to query a USGS gauging site via email, cell phone text message, or handheld device for gauge height and streamflow. Send your request to StreaMail and in a few minutes you will get a reply showing the latest river stage and streamflow. If you program the email address in your contact list all you have to do is type in the gauge number and send. Click here for instructions...

Current and Jacks Fork USGS gauge numbers for use with StreaMail:

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